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(Source: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue) Outdoor signage of Walter Johnson Junior High School is shown during a hazardous materials response on Sept. 7, 2016. (FOX5) Parents wait outside Walter Johnson Junior High School amid a hazmat investigation on Wednesday, Sept. 7. (Source: FOX5) LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Clark County School District will host an open house Thursday eveningto answer questions after hundreds of students at a junior high school were kept on campus into the nighttime hours as emergency workers screened them for mercury exposure. It will be held at Jacobson Elementary School at 8400 Boseck Drive at 6 p.m. On Thursday afternoon, CCSD officials reported classes at Walter Johnson Junior High School would again be canceled Friday. School officials said the school is being cleaned and decontaminated in order to contain further exposure. In addition, students' personal belongings such as shoes and backpacks will remain at the school for screening, district officials said. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue on Wednesday reported a hazmat situation was being investigated at a Las Vegas middle school. A hazmat crew was sent to Walter Johnson Junior High School, located at 7701 Ducharme Ave., near Buffalo and Alta drives, after noon. The department said that no students were threatened and the crew was surveying the situation. According to Clark County School District spokeswoman Melinda Malone, students and staff potentially exposed to the substance were being quarantined as a precaution.

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