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Five Social Media Trends That Will Impact Digital Advertising

Forbes Agency Council A whopping 40% of this year's global ad spend will take place online. And more specifically, ad spend on social media is expected to increase by more than 20%, totaling $58 billion. Even with the increased focus on paid social, the key to conversion for social media marketing lies in the call to action (CTA). Instagram has seen success from its “Shoppable Tags,” especially within the retail industry. As new and improved CTA options pop up everywhere from Snapchat to Twitter to YouTube, smart advertisers should continue to test new ways to garner action and sales from social media campaigns. Despite all the negative publicity regarding its data privacy and security practices, coupled with disappointing Q2 Wall Street performance, consumers still flock to the tech titan by the billions. Facebook's daily active users continued to rise in the second quarter to 2.23 billion , solidifying its stronghold as the most impactful social media platform for advertisers.  Sure, Facebook has frequently tinkered with its algorithm, and passive organic reach for businesses has been on the decline for years. But the reality is that advertisers on this social network can no longer rely on passive engagement to play the game. Marketing on Facebook now entails branding, video creation, remarketing, influencers, content marketing, data and analytics. The continuous changes on Facebook shouldn’t deter advertisers from the platform. Instead, brands should redefine the win with better data, analytics and optimization for both paid and organic efforts.

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