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Essentially, the drivers are cheapest flights to vegas from eugene oregon the core of our business. If we didnt have drivers we mexico city plane crash wouldnt have a company. We appreciate these drivers every day we operate, but we take this specific day to recognize them. McQuade said both men earned reputations in the company for being dedicated workers and this milestone represents impressive safety records. JBS Carriers president Rodrigo Horvath said in a statement: JBS Carriers is privileged to have drivers like Erik and Gary on our team. Safety is the top priority for our company, so it is with great honor that we congratulate these two on this hard-earned milestone, and are proud of them for the safe behaviors they demonstrate on the road every day. To reach 1 million miles, the men, who both started in 2009, drove an average of over 2,700 miles a week, leaving around 35 to 65 days at home with family per year. The task typically takes seven years to accomplish, but drivers dont often stick with one company that long to get there. Both men say they had a good 1 million to 2 million total driving miles under their belts prior to coming to JBS but neither had achieved the full 1 million at one company. Thats for me a pretty big deal, Hoffman said. The drivers average work day is a maximum of 11 hours of driving with two to three hours of wait time while trucks are loaded. After a 10-hour break, the drivers repeat that schedule. Hoffman said coming home to see his wife of 29 years, Dorene, after long stints on the road are the best parts of being a driver.

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They also remember Carolyn Boetticher, a passenger in a car that sped toward and then past white officers doing a license check in a high-crime neighborhood. Police fired 22 shots that came from the front, side and rear of the fleeing car. She was shot in the neck. None of the officers faced criminal charges, but Charlotte created a citizen review panel for its police department. And even when Charlotte police seem to get it right, the black community has been left feeling justice was not served. Jonathan Ferrell was a 24-year-old unarmed black man shot 10 times by white officer Randall Kerrick. Ferrell had just crashed his car in a suburban neighborhood and banged on a neighbor's door looking for help. She called 911. Charlotte police charged Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter one day later. But the jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict at his trial, and state prosecutors decided not to retry the case. There were peaceful protests then, which prompted headlines like, "How Charlotte Avoided Ferguson's Fate." Activist Jibril Hough organized those peaceful protests.